The 5th Gen's window is the shortest of all the other generations of 4Runners and is the same size for all trims. If you are installing your flag on a nice day (60-70 degrees), the install should take no longer than 45 mins. However, colder or warmer conditions require extra preparations.

Before you install your flag, you need to:

- flatten your decal and squeegee the flag

- clean the window you will be installing the flag on with a window cleaner

- assistance may not be required due to the length of the flag, but a set of helping hands, tape, or magnets wouldn't hurt if you want to make sure the flag is installed perfectly. 

Once all the preparations are completed you can start placing the flag over the window


- you may either peel the entire backing paper of the decal and then squeegee or peel it as you squeegee the flag. If you choose the latter we recommend to start from the side of the stars. It is easier to get rid of air bubbles in the stripes than in the stars and as you peel and squeegee, the more air bubbles are developed near the end. 

- However, if you choose to take the backing paper entirely off then the direction you would squeegee is different than the one above. You start in the gap between the stars and the stripes and squeegee all the stars first. Afterwards you would start from the center and work outwards. 

- Make sure you have pressed the decal on the window to the best of your abilities. Once you have you can start to peel the transfer tape.


- Always peel the corner of the flag with the stars first. If you see an air bubble forming, switch the direction of the transfer tape and resqueegee it on to the decal. If this technique does not work, it's possible a little speck of dirt or dust was still on the window before. Just continue to peel the transfer paper as gently as possible, the more force used the more air bubbles there can be. 

- Next, is getting rid of as many air bubbles as possible. To get rid of air bubbles in the stars, gently push the bubble to the nearest star. If you have a very tiny bubble that just won't go away, it can disappear on its own. You should NOT keep trying, because you can end up scratching the vinyl. Bubbles in stripes are easier to get rid of. If you can not move the bubble, lift the stripe up to the point of the bubble and squeegee the stripe as you are placing it back to its original placement. 

- Trim any excess vinyl and tuck in the decal around the edge of the window to prevent more air bubbles from developing. 


If you are going to be installing your flags in hotter conditions please read our blog, "Summer Suburban Install" or "Winter Jeep Patriot Install" for colder conditions. 

There are also tutorials on Youtube if you would like visual aids as well.